ITTA Foundation has held ‘Indonesian Travel & Tourism Awards’ for the last 13 ye…

ITTA Foundation has held 'Indonesian Travel & Tourism Awards' for the last 13 ye...

ITTA Foundation has held ‘Indonesian Travel & Tourism Awards’ for the last 13 years, that continues to grow to become the leading Travel & Tourism Award in Indonesia. This year, it holds the “8th Bali Tourism Awards” which is devoted to the Bali Province aiming to give an appreciation of integrated and mutually supportive tourism, especially in Bali.

Towards the implementation of the G20, the ITTA foundation holds a series of Bali Tourism Awards events in conjunction with the SPINE20 series.

SPINE20 aims to provide a link where experts meet, discuss, and make policy recommendations on spinal health care which will be presented to G20 leaders of health authorities around the world and in collaboration with the Bali Tourism Awards which will give appreciation to the Tourism Industry in Bali.

The purpose of Bali Tourism Award is to create awareness, so that tourism actors always strive to ensure quality and prove their efforts in developing the Bali & Indonesia tourism sector.

This year, SPINE20 delegates are also invited to the Bali Tourism Awards Awarding Ceremoney and Safari Theme Dinner which will be held on Friday, 5 August 2022 at Bali Safari Park. A special performance will be presented by Agus Teja Sentosa on that memorable night.


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