DEEP and EXTREME Indonesia 2014


DEEP and EXTREME Indonesia is now recognized as one of important events in the region and highly recommended by the diving and related industries involved in the marine and eco tourism businesses. It is considered as an important event for all related key-players in the region especially in Asia and Oceania. The show has been an opportunity for all involved business players to grab position in the market directly, to expose their business brands to a targeted and massive 10 million Jakarta audience and more than 200 millions Indonesian population.

DEEP and EXTREME Indonesia 2014 exhibition will be occupying an exhibition space of 4,000 sq. meter and expecting to host more than 150 exhibiting companies ranging from dive and adventure equipment, tourism destinations, and supporting companies for the industry. This 8th show is targeting 20,000 visitors attending the four-day show.

DEEP and EXTREME Indonesia 2014 will be held in four days beginning on Thursday, March 27th, 2014 as it is distinctively marked as Trade Show day. The first day or day one will be set exclusively for trade visitors and media representatives with free privileges to attend several set of programs including official opening by Indonesian Minister, buyers’ sellers meeting, press gathering and conferences and other official programs.


DEEP Indonesia in 2014 is a representation of all underwater and ocean related activities in Indonesia which showcases diving, adventure travel and water sports industry. The first DEEP Indonesia was held in 2007.

At the 3rd DEEP Indonesia in 2009, in the effort to extend and combine adventure market demand, the first EXTREME Indonesia was introduced and held concurrently with DEEP Indonesia event.

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Specifically, it was designed to cater industry as well as the community within the outdoor adventure activities, travel and extreme sports.

In time, EXTREME Indonesia had been firmly associated with eco-based tourism subject.

Show Name

DEEP & EXTREME Indonesia 2014

Official Show Title

DEEP Indonesia 2014, Indonesia’s 8th international diving, adventure travel and water sports exhibition.

EXTREME Indonesia 2014, 6th International extreme sports, outdoor adventure and eco tourism exhibition.


Exhibition Network Indonesia, PT (Xnet)

Show Date

27 – 30 March 2014

Show Venue

Jakarta International Expo
Address – Kemayoran, Jakarta

Hall Size

3,900 sq meters (42.000 sq.foot)

Exhibiting Companies

150 companies

Number of Visitors

20,000 (target)

Yuk, datang ke #DeepExtremeID , 27-30 Oktober 2014 di JIE Kemayoran. Kunjungi booth kita di D77 😉

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